Dessert First,
Hobby Turned Passion…

I started out just loving dessert; crisp fresh baked eclairs filled with whipped cream and topped with luscious chocolate, or a creamy crème brulee with a crunchy caramelised topping.

Slowly I began to experiment and make desserts for friends or family whenever I could. One day a close friend said, Aiman you need to sell this stuff…

So I did…in December 2016 Dessert First was born.

I hope you enjoy looking through this website- it was created with the same love and care with which I prepare all my desserts & treats.

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Classes & Birthday Parties

Teaching has always been a hidden love of mine especially when it’s teaching something I’m passionate about.

After qualifying as a pastry chef, I noticed a demand for fun and relaxed classes, teaching people how to make some of life’s most decadent yet simple pleasures. So, with a little help from my family, I created a range of classes to suit even the most amateur baker/home cook.

Childrens classes and birthday parties have proven most popular allowing children to unleash their inner chef in a safe environment.

We don’t just do sweet either- Our Malaysian, Caribbean and Indian cuisine classes are taught by experienced chefs in their field.

More details can be found under the “Classes” tab on the site.