Welcome to Dessert First’s catering menu. Whatever your occasion and budget
we are sure to be able to help you to ensure your event has that special sweet ending!

Most desserts are available in 2 sizes, and prices indicated are
based on the smallest size for that product. Our desserts are Vegetarian, Halal & many are eggless. Vegans are also catered for with a large selection of desserts & cakes.

Something Special

Key Lime Pots
From £1.60

(Sweet tangy creamy lime filling with a ginger biscuit crumb and a fresh coconut cream)

Passion Fruit Pots
from £1.60

(Tart & silky passionfruit creme with a shortbread crumb and a whipped white chocolate mousse )

Chocolate Mousse & Brownie
From £1.50

(A fudgy chocolate brownie hidden beneath our Signature creamy chocolate mousse)

Meringue Mess (Lemon / Strawberry)
From £1.50

(Who doesn’t love the combination of fresh cream crisp, sweet meringue & fresh fruity flavours)

Panna Cotta ( Vanilla / Coconut / Passion Fruit / Strawberry)
From £1.50

(Creamy. Set, Italian, classic dessert)

White Chocolate Strawberry Bite

(Brownie cup with a strawberry core hidden by a creamy white chocolate mousse & fresh strawberry )

S'mores Cones

Marshmallow fluff, Chocolate ganache & Peanut butter mousse fills these cones to take you back to your childhood! Minimum order applies

Black Forest Bites

Brownie cup will cherry compote, topped with chocolate mousse, fresh cherries & a cherry juice pipette

Valencian Orange & Almond

Key Lime's sophisticated twin combines citrus flavours with sweet almonds.

Cheesecake Selection from £1.25

Available in various mini sizes 4cl or 7cl for dessert buffets and in large 6” 8” and 10” cakes – Personalisation option available. Our cheesecakes are eggless with one exception* & are all vegetarian friendly. 

Mango & Passion Fruit
Malteser & Toblerone
Simply Strawberry
White chocolate & berries
Mint Aero
Salted caramel
Ferrero Rocher
White Chocolate & Coconut

Mousse Selection

Creamy, light, decadent and so moreish! Available in 4cl or 7cl for dessert buffets. Prices start from £1.50 each
Choose one flavour or combine 2 to make the ultimate dessert. All Our Mousses are Eggless & Vegetarian.

Signature Chocolate
White chocolate
Chocolate Orange
Chocolate Chai

Tart Selection

Mini bites of sweet, crisp shortcrust pastry in a variety of fillings
Eggless options available, minimum order applies

Fresh fruit
White chocolate & raspberry – add pistachio (optional)
Salted caramel, chocolate & pecan
Chocolate Ganache

Cakes - 6, 8 or 9 inch available

Cakes can be iced & decorated to your choice of colour and flavour. Below are the basic sponge choices. A larger selection is available on request. Prices given for simple buttercream iced cakes. Addition of fresh flowers or extra decor will be priced on request. Our cakes can be made eggless & vegan on request

6” £40             8” £60             9″ £85

A 3 layer chocolate fudge cake sandwiched together with a fresh cream/buttercream       

6” £40             8” £60             9″ £85

3 layer vanilla cake with a fresh cream / buttercream filling

Lemon & Raspberry
6″ £40     8″ £60      9″ £90

3 layers of raspberry studded vanilla sponge. sandwiched together with lemon curd & vanilla mascarpone cream

Rose & Pistachio 
6” £45      8” £65     9″ £95

Exotic flavours inspire this cake giving it a middle eastern twist. Real pistachio sponge layered with a rose mascarpone frosting and covered in ground pistachio nuts and more of that decadent yet light rose cream.

DF’s Signature Chocolate Mousse Cake
6” £20             8” £40           9” £55

A fudgy brownie layer holds rich dark chocolate mousse topped with a layer of creamy white chocolate mousse finished with a fleur de lis.

Party Favours & Petit Fours Selection

Mini Eclairs
12 for £15

Crisp choux pastry filled with smooth pastry cream and topped with a classic ganache topping. Flavours available on request

18 for £15

Choux pastry rounds filled with smooth pastry cream & topped with a classic ganache. Different flavours available on request

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites **
12 for £15

The 'healthy' dessert. Succulent strawberries filled with vanilla cheesecake & a digestive crumb.

Lotus Biscoff Truffles
12 for £12
Oreo Truffles- Original/Mint/Strawberry/coffee/orange
12 for £12
Cake Pops
from £1.50 each

Cute cake balls on a stick, covered in tempered Belgian chocolate/candy melts

Maryland Truffles
12 for £12
12 for £20
Cookie Cups
12 for £8
From £2.25 each
Chocolate Strawberries
From 10 for £15

Choice of Belgian Dark, Milk or White chocolate

Iced Biscuits
from £1.25 each

Custom sizes, designs & wrapping options available on enquiry

Mini from £1 each. Standard from £1.50 each

Custom designs & boxing options available on enquiry

Small from £1 each. Large from £1.50 each

Baked not fried, these cute treats are available in small & large with the option of icing or chocolate topping in a variety of colours & flavours

Vegan Selection

No Cheese Cake – Strawberry, Nutella, Mango, Oreo
From £1.75 each
Chocolate / Mango / Strawberry Mousse
From £1.50 each
from £1
Oreo / Biscoff Truffles
12 for £12
Are you looking for something a little different? Maybe a flavour combination you want to try, or more information on a particular product. Give us a call for a consultation and we can explore options and flavour combinations!
Tasting appointments can be made via email/phone.

* Contains Eggs
** Seasonal


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